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Jason George Foundation
Honoring the memory and values of Major Jason George and dedicated to supporting veterans
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Date: 6/12/2019
Subject: Scholarship Recipient & Army Football Tickets
From: Jason George Foundation

You are receiving this message as a friend, family member, fellow alumni or former colleague of Jason George.

Anika Hubbard-Valentino Awarded The 2019 Jason George Memorial Foundation Scholarship At Tehachapi High School
2019 Tehachapi Scholarship
Congratulations to Anika Hubbard-Valentino, a 4.0 student from Tehachapi High School, seen here accepting the 2019 scholarship from the Jason George Foundation. 
In addition to her academic achievements, she participated in student government, the Tehachapi High Engineering and Manufacturing Academy (THEMA) and was a member of the National Honor Society.  She plans on attending Cal State Fullerton to study nursing.
She joins an accomplished group of young men and women who have taken pride in their academics as well as their role in the community.  
The Jason George Foundation is honored to have Jason's longtime friend, Jay Wells on hand to participate in these scholarship ceremonies each year.
To date, the JGMF has awarded scholarships to eight outstanding Tehachapi grads and totaling $15,500.
Testimonials and background on JGF Scholarships are available: 2019 JGF Campaign Presentation

Will I be sitting with other friends of the Jason George Foundation?
Yes, all tickets purchased as part of this group will be seated together. 
Is there a deadline to purchasing tickets?
Yes, due to high demand for Michigan Football tickets this season, these tickets can only be held until June 30, 2019. 
If I'm making the trip to Ann Arbor, will there be additional activities planned?
Currently, there are plans taking shape for Friday night festivities, so stay tuned. 
Other Questions?  Click HERE
For Football & Tailgate Tickets, click HERE
**Ticket Purchase Deadline is June 30, 2019**

You are invited to join the Jason George Memorial Foundation for its 10-year commemoration of Jason's passing. 
The Foundation will be running a campaign to reconnect everyone to the cause, to bolster our existing efforts and to expand the impact of our efforts.
The Foundation is asking for your help, in becoming an ambassador for the campaign.
To ensure you stay informed, click here for More Information 
What You Can Do

New York, NY - November 6, 2019
Why is this happening mid-week?
The Jason George Foundation is mindful of the return of Jason's classmates to New York, for their 25th reunion, beginning November 7th.  It is our hope that friends and family from near and far will be able to join us with advance notice. 
Who are these "Ambassadors" that you will be honoring?
These are the friends and family of Jason's and the Jason George Foundation who have contributed to the success of the campaign, in a number of ways.  Be sure to make your mark on our campaign and review the "What You Can Do" section above. 
How can I find out more?
Be sure to sign up as a member at

The Jason George Memorial Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to supporting veterans, promoting civic service, and providing for the scholarship of those who serve. Through social events we spread the message of serving others and provide donations to organizations supporting veterans. In addition, the foundation works closely with other organizations to promote scholarship of those who have served.